"Deceptively simple, Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent...! journeys into territory often tread upon lightly. By openly acknowledging the more challenging aspects of parenting, Ms. Karlén shines a light on some core issues many parents struggle with. She creates a sense of the universality of the parenting experience, providing a safe and playful way for reflection and meaningful dialogue to occur... A great jumping off point for building a more open, understanding and compassionate connection. A real gem!"

Illustrated by Michael Pugliese

Featured Author: Birgitta Karlén

Mr. Pugliese is a freelance artist and co-founder of Game Builders Academy. He  holds a B.F.A. in Computer Graphics and Fine Arts.

Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent, When You've Reached the End of Your Rope! is Birgitta's first parenting humor book. As a parent of three children herself, she understands the challenge of balancing career, children and sanity!


Birgitta has a B.A degree in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. A writer of poetry and music, she has also been featured in Billboard Magazine. 


Hear what Child and Adolescent Psychologist and expert, Dr. Elissa Gross has to

say about ​Ten Tips for the Frazzled Parent!